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Green-Go Support Management

Green-Go Recommended Maintenance

Month Service
January Monthly lawn maintenance.
All services available on request.
February Monthly lawn maintenance.
Spring clean up, hedging bushes, flower bed clean out.
March Start of weekly lawn maintenance.
Schedule your spring color : begonias, impatiens, marigolds, vinca
April Weekly lawn maintenance.
Have your spring color installed.
May Weekly lawn maintenance.
Apply 6 months fire ant control.
June Weekly lawn maintenance.
Set summer scheduling for your irrigation.
July Weekly lawn maintenance.
August Weekly lawn maintenance.
September Weekly lawn maintenance.
October Weekly lawn maintenance.
End of season clean up.
Install Fall Color
November Weekly mowing ends the last full week before Thanksgiving.
End of season clean up.
December Monthly lawn maintenance begins
All services available on request.

* All services are available 12 months out of the year.